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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I loves the smell of anchovies in the morning

I lovst it.

Primates have left us. Longhairs stayed back late this morn to drinks the bean brew with baldy. This pleased them, I observe. Perhaps they is particularly happy. Perhaps because of this I gotst a new treat last night.

For weeks now the Fools have served me pate. Do I lookst french?

I wants, I says as I scratches their legs, more and more convincings and deepst, my salmon casserole.
Fellow feline readers note: it comes from the plebian monkeys at Whiskas, but itst a cut above, with salmon and other irrelevancies blended and sloppy and utterly devourables.

Apparently sometimes there it is not my casserole, in the place where they go to find food. But that's no consequentials to me at all.

I musts have it. I wants it.

It has sunken in. Perchance in Canberra with the friendly silly primates where I got presents. Wavy hair the cat whisperer and the happy one with alcyhol breaths we did stay with. They were nice to My Primates, and nice to me. Maybe they figured out I needst something more than pate.

I am not French, I am Burmese. Some primates are SO stupid.

Last night, before I was locked in the cruel room for the eve, a can wast opened. I walked up eagerly, provided some positive tail-wave action, but was still pessimistic. It wasn't the salmon casserole, it must be more inediblesmess.


A delightful pungency of the most delicately rotted fish market slops teased my nostrils. Tail got an erection.

Whole, barely-adulterated chunks of fish was mine, I couldst not stuff them all in my mouth at once, but I tried.

I will now allow the apes to trim my nails. They have understood.

Leave me, I am too important.


  • At 6:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mao - the sillian bloggers need to be told how completely wonderful we are.

    The only natural breed of BROWN cat, we Burmese have a short, glossy, satin-textured coat traditionally in a warm sable BROWN colour and gold eyes.
    GOLD I said!
    Elegant and exotic looking, we are powerfully built with excellent muscle tone and surprisingly heavy for our size.
    We have a long body with rounded chest, rounded ear tips and small feet.
    We love to perform tricks and can retrieve toys better than a a dog.

    Highly intelligent, affectionate and extremely loyal, we are very talkative although generally quieter than those raucous Siamese yowlers.
    We enjoy the company of other cats and even dogs and people and being so beautiful WE are always the centre of attention.
    Except when lawyers are on holiday and have too much time on their hands or are so heatstruck they go blogmad and ignore us (briefly)

  • At 10:14 pm, Blogger Mao the Burmese Cat said…

    I know who it is that you are.

    That is ok. Naturally, you would like BROWN burmese. True, it is our original colour, but some of us are even more stunningly handsome in tones like cream and, well, cream.

    I also have a tinge of strawberry in the middle of my back. The pussys love it.


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