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Ridiculously handsome, of superior intelligence, and capable of stalking and killing the most fearsome moths in the world, I shall blog my incredibly interesting adventures from all over my Melbourne townhouse, just for you. I'm into reciprocal grooming, so link me and I'll link you back.

Sunday, January 15, 2006







*makes as if to bite*



Baldy hitst me it's cat abuse filthy simian they is traitorsmuss! Ok I bits him and trieds to bites him and longhairs on the heads well not really but I wast tryings to tell them stuff and they did nothing about it and it smells and its smell is on them and nobody loves me and I'm going to be thrown out and rejected and replaceds.




  • At 10:18 pm, Blogger Quirkie said…

    Hi Mao, Furkid has not returned and I'm very upset about it, but thanks for asking.

    I'm thinking she was pinched and given as a Christmas present, because she was very beautiful, and lonely, and a complete sucker for random cuddles from suspicious strangers.

    The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

    (That she's followed her dream and run off to America to audition as a soap opera star.)

    I miss her, but probably not as much as the two-legged kids do.

  • At 10:54 pm, Blogger The Daily Magnet said…

    Mao - see, the 2 week start to the year of the dog was yesterday - and already... consternation.

    Could be a challenging year for you unless you learn to be a more tolerant and accepting ruler?

  • At 12:15 am, Blogger nailpolishblues said…

    Bastard humans are sooooooo silly about this kind of thing. They think you'll just accept an interloper to your salmon dish! As if!
    This happened to my poor grey baby and she taught the other kitty to play on the road.
    Try to be nice -it's nice to have minions and it gives you an extra food dish to steal from [plus they'll feel so guilty that they'll be exta nice to you ALWAYS]...

  • At 10:47 pm, Blogger Sunburnt said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 10:49 pm, Blogger Sunburnt said…

    Hi Mao, Im hoping that you are starting to come around to the 'enemy of the people' by know. It cant be all bad. Surely some intelligent conversation in the house would be appreciated. In addition your chances of getting someone else in the house to lick your nether-regions surely has increased.

  • At 11:30 am, Blogger Brownie said…

    Baldy hit you? That's absolute proof of how dopey simians are. I suppose you will retaliate with the old reliable 'Use His Leg As A Scratching Post While He is Intently Reading Online'. ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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