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Monday, January 16, 2006

I havest a Meme!

I have hadst a meme is thrown at me!

Lucy the simian who is owned by a nice cat called Baz has done this thing. I know not what it is, or why it is? But I will try and do it, because I likest to be loved, and also because I am mad as a cat in a hell full of dogs and needs distractmuss, and also because then maybe Lucy or Baz will linkst me and thereby show me love.

I musts say the 5 wierdest things that what I do!

*cocks head*

*right ear goes back*

*right ear comes forward*

That is number one. Wants to see it again? Scroll up 6 lines.

Now what is else is there? I am not wierd at all, because I am beautiful and smart. But I know what my simians find wierd, I shall share it, on the assumption that you will all bring me salmon.

Number two.... well, see I see a bird and I lookst at the bird and I bravely do this fearsome and scary and brave, did I mention brave? thing which is whats that I utter a sounds like an outboard motor on a boat- whatever that is, ask baldy, and I dislocates my lower jaw, and my lower jaw goes ins and outs real fast while I make the noise.
"naga- naga- naga-naga- naga-naga- naga-naga- naga-naga- naga-naga- naga naga- naga-naga- naga-naga- naga-naga- naga-naga- naga-naga- naga-naga-naga-naga- naga-naga- naga-naga- naga-!!"
That's it- cool is it not?

Number three... I gets on the couch and I licks baldy's head. I knows cats does this, even when 'tis not reciprocuss, buts I do it and do it and do it and if baldy didst not stop and shift I would lick his head off! My tongue its is like a cheese grater!

Number four... I write a blog. I'm a cat, it is, I am told, exceptionally wierd.

And number fives.... well, I complain and complain thats I want more company and I mewl and look longingly at other cats what it is walks around my house but if you put one anywhere near me I GO &*%*&% PSYCHO AND I WANTS TO KILL IT WHY DOESN'T IT SHUT UP WHY DOES ITSMELL LIKE OTHER THAN WHAT I IS WHY IS IT HERE WHY DO THEY NOT LOVE ME I AM GOING TO KILL SOMETHING OR AT LEAST DO THE NAGA-NAGA AT IT OH I DON'T CARE ABOUT SALMON ANY MORE I JUST WANTS THE PLACE TO MYSELF AGAIN.



Sorry, I'm upsets.

That is all. I must go hiss at a door.


  • At 8:22 pm, Blogger Pavlov's Cat said…


    That was some tanty.

    Ask baldy and longhair if they ever used to watch a nice TV show about animals called All Things Great and Small. There was a lady in it with a little dog and every now and then the little dog would go crazy (barking, heh) and his simian would call it 'going cracker-dog'.

    You went cracker-cat, Mao. Big-time. Hope you are a calm cat again. How is the little fluffball, or would you rather not be asked?

  • At 11:21 pm, Blogger Princess Cleo said…

    That calls for a major bitey session followed by a Simultaneous Hind Leg Kick of Death!


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