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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thanks you, but where is my salmon?

Nice simians have spoken about how much they love me and other stuff that doesn't matter over at baldy's blog.


*leg rubs*

But you can say nice things all you wants but the proof is in the casserole. Salmon casserole. Where is it?

Baldy wents to a MoggBlogg and tooks longhair but left me, alone, borings, with only a small bit of salmon that was cruelty it was so small. I slepst on their bed all evening whiles they were out, but when I heards them returns I (cleverly) ran down and positioned myself next to the door, like it is where I had been waitings all night. As if!

Anyway, because they ises deluded as to how important they are, they thought I was missings them all night and felt bad and gave me more salmons. And because I was still not happiness with Baldy I squeezed out the entirety contents of my bowels in all 4 corners of the tray thingy so it mades him grab hist front-head and make a noise like on mornings when he leans over the sink groaning and smelling of alcyhol.

He tookst the tray out, at 1 in the morning, I noted with satisfactionmuss!

Then I realised maybe I wents too far maybe they will not loves me (although how could that be? I do not know...) and will NOT feed me salmon?! So I gaves lots of kisses in the morning and was grouse and they knews it because tonight I got to WALK on a lead.

I was carried to some leafy stuffs with smells like you wouldn't believe! Then I was carried to the top of the hill where once I met another burmese what was a simian! There were 2 dogs there - dogs are sooo stupid- and of COURSE I wast not scared. I leapt up bravely to fight and defeats them and only accidentalsmuss landed on baldy's shoulders and somehow caughts my nails in his shirt and couldn't comes down until the dogs had gone again.

Foul creatures!

Anyway then I walkst more and showed baldy and longhair thats I was boss ('cept when they kept picking me upst) and took them home.

I walkst! I'm a clever cat, aren't I?


That is all. Feed me salmon, and loves me...


  • At 6:22 pm, Blogger roseg said…

    You tells baldy he need rss reader called sharpreader ( for reading many blogs from everywheres including big fool people like timblair and syco phant mens who he really shouldn't be upset for. Poor tim blairs and other mens silly and not deserve so much thinking. You tells baldy you wants account too so you and long hairs can watch together.

    Then you tells baldy give you more more salmon and maybe next time you tells him secret of perpetual motion.

  • At 10:35 pm, Blogger TimT said…

    You know the secret of perpetual motion? Tell it to me, and I'll make sure that you never go without salmon again!

  • At 11:07 pm, Blogger roseg said…

    You wantst secret? Sorry cannotst tells, but maybe canst find clue in dumbarse dogs who chasing own tail. But if you continue keeping tim blair on bogroll, i tell even less nextst times.

    (And ha ha yes me have much convincing chihuahua costume. Me many clever, just like Chairman Miaow).

  • At 5:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If a cat, nor it's owner is unable to spell or achieve proper grammer, neither of them should be online posting blogs. I personally would be embarrassed to showcase such imperfections as these.


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