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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tired, so tired



* a-r-r-c-h-h-h*

OK, I typest. Because I know you love me, because I'm absurdly handsome.

But I am, alas, tired. And I have spotted a free area on the simians' bed, between longhair and baldy. It is mine, I wants it.

Today they came back after 2 days of neglecting me. I was left with only 10 minutes worth of fish! I guzzles it, then goes to ask for more, and they have left.

I am sad when they go away. Of course, it is good to have maximum run of the housies. To traipst across the kitchen tables with appropriate impunity. And they are rather stupid, being simian and all. But why am I rejected?

How can they leave me, when I am so beautiful? Do they not loves me enough?

I like to eat salmon.

Anyway I wants to tell you about a victorious battle experience: I saw a fly in the house and I followsd it and it flew up the stairs and I patiently hunteds it like a Lion or something else that hunts, stuff, and anyway it came down into the living room so I *cleverly* lay still on the couch watching it then it landed on a window and I snuck up and I grabsd at it but it slipped away.

But I injured it, I know it, I saw it was flying less-properly!

So I beat it.

I was very very brave. Am I not the most BRAVEST cat you have seen?

I AM very brave, like a Tiger or whatnot.


  • At 2:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice to hear from you Mao.
    Isn't it revealing that so many neo-dogserving, pro-canine blogs do NOT allow the posting of comments. (are you reading this Mr Dawg/Mr Bouvier(bloody french,eh)? They make such a play of their passion for 'companionship' and 'man's best friend'- and of the need of 'dag pong' to impose them- but when it comes to their own blogs- they are as intolerant of other people's opinions as the most fanatical Fascist.

  • At 9:17 pm, Blogger Mao the Burmese Cat said…

    It is becauses likes man-fascists they lack fundaments of the intellect.

    Also, they eat too much roo, and not enough salmon.

  • At 1:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hot innit?

    Bye the bye, nice job on hunterizing that fly(bloody flies,eh)?

    I hope it was one of those fat maggoty blowflies which taste almost as good as salmon,

    - particularly fat maggoty salmon eyes.

  • At 10:16 pm, Blogger Mao the Burmese Cat said…



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