Chairman Mao the Burmese Cat

Ridiculously handsome, of superior intelligence, and capable of stalking and killing the most fearsome moths in the world, I shall blog my incredibly interesting adventures from all over my Melbourne townhouse, just for you. I'm into reciprocal grooming, so link me and I'll link you back.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Powches, Pershans and howsing markits

Who loves me? Is it what that any of you still has me linkst?


*look that would melt Titanium in a freezer*

Wells! I shall talk regardlessmuss.

I have a blister - I yam told she ist my little blister- she comes from whence I comes from also she is burmese buts also she is Pershan it is wierd but thatst ok. Her dad ist my dad but he made double pudda-pudda with a Pershan so it is that we ist not the sames.

She is an hexotic shorthair!

She is knot literates like me but I showst her how to type in regardlessness as you can sees below.

I chase her and she chases me and thens after that I chase her and then, and then, and she chases me again!

I have becomst a calmings cat. I speaks little, buts I cuddles my simians dots and dots.


*waits for scratch behind ear of approval*

So yanyways also there is this foods thatst in pouches that is good and has salmons and stuff but mainly salmons.

It is YUM. I LIKE Salmonses. Bring it me.

But why is it so small? Pouches I likes but I likes two of them.

Also there is something called houses markets that baldy and longhairs obsess over they says they will get somethings where it is big and Minh my blister and eye have a cat run.

A Cat run. *prrr*

Do you have a cat run?

Friday, February 10, 2006




Bigs bryuthir. I canf TYP.


Clevr Min-Min I yams.



I yamdj Min an I am elven wiiks old an I am fasts than Mao whots my brothr an is big but canstnot catch ME!!!

So so so cute is I!