Chairman Mao the Burmese Cat

Ridiculously handsome, of superior intelligence, and capable of stalking and killing the most fearsome moths in the world, I shall blog my incredibly interesting adventures from all over my Melbourne townhouse, just for you. I'm into reciprocal grooming, so link me and I'll link you back.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I YAM a Lionesses an I CATCH TAYLS!!

Saws it again tooday. Mao's tayl. I likest mao's tayl, itsp funs.

He sitst on th lege an looks owt ovr th streat but his tayl hangst duwn an swings bak and forf.

I watchd it intentlee.

I am lyke a LIONNESS!!

I hunchst duwn. Takesp aim.

I LEAPSP and braively GRABPS IT!!!!

I fite an tusl with its an I beet it up an byte it!!

Mao gets madd an hissis an walksp bakwoods an shayks hiss tayl butt I bravesply hang on like A LIONESS an he forls off an lands on baldys bedsid tabil an noks ovr his glass wich has worter in it.

Yay itss fun! I YAM lionesses!!!