Chairman Mao the Burmese Cat

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Labr Ledreship Contest- Lisen Up!

What is it? I sees that baldy and longhairs are exitables about the politics. Well, I shall tell you I am not only the most handsome cat in the world I inhabit, brave and fearsome, but also I am a smart sefologists!

Basicsmuss, there are various options for Baldy's political parties to improve itself or not. One is to bring me food- being chairman, naturally I am able to dispense superiour authorisations and lead anything. And stuff.

But enough about me (as if!!), let's lookwith at the contenders, it is right in front of you:


Wealth of experiencemuss! Also wealth of fresh salmons and whipped sour cream, methinks.

I yam a nice cat but it is for me to say in order to be of truthfulness at this point that this must be the fattest galumper of a cat I have ever laid my perceptive, dashing eyes on.

Not so popular, but appears likely to be the Biggest Loser.

Ruddy Sox.

Believes in God. Also selfs. A bit squeaky, especially if it doesn't get salmon when it wants it. Though not so attractive it actually thinks (steal urself for this simians!) it ist the best cat in the omniverse. Speaks Chinese, which is good for stuff, like, speaking to Chinese.


Most feline of fraternising factionising felines. Licks itst paw in anticipation of sitting and purring and taking a share of the cream instead of the current feline that it is what sits and purrs and eats cream. Prefers to sleep.

Does not share its catbox and littertrays. Expects to eat the bloated fur-covered carcasst of Ruddy Sox in a year, because Simon Creens brings it secret bowls of salmon with lashings of stuff on a nightly basis.

There, whatst so hard about that, retarded simian throwbacks?